Color Concentrates

F&D Plastics has been a market leader in color concentrates since our inception in 1967.

Frustrated with suppliers? With their long leads and lackluster service to smaller customers, and the repeated shoehorning into some pre-made material that is “close enough?”

We are constantly perfecting our color matching technology to assure industry leading lot-to-lot consistency, while working with suppliers from around the world to incorporate new additives into our concentrates that will improve efficiencies for our customers.

This includes our new DCI, high dispersion, fast cycling colors for polypropylene and acetal, which have routinely delivered 20-30% faster injection cycle times.

We are always on top of the newest colors in the market. Our colors when desired can meet the
agency approvals you need them to meet.

We deliver Concentrates for the following materials:

PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PVC, Nylon,
PC, PC/ABS, PET, Acetal, Acrylics, EVA, TPE, TPO, PLA, PHA

We deliver Concentrates for the following applications:

Injection Molders
Blow Molders
Rotational Molders
Fiber Producers

Look to F&D Plastics for the perfect blend of color technology, most cost effective loadings, dispersion, cycle times and consistency—all designed to add more green to your bottom line.

We want to keep the world as colorful as possible before we’re all looking at the same 30 stock colors. Join us if you agree!